To love the skin you are in, you first have to care about yourself enough to choose the best Australian made skin care eg. Ultraderm, then you need to choose a salon/beauty therapist that you trust to take care of your skin and treatment plan.

How does your therapist know how to treat your skin...? There are four main ways your therapist will check about your skin.

1. The look of your skin 

2. Your lifestyle eg. Diet, Exercise

3. Environment eg. Sunlight exposure

4. Your age and feel of your skin


The skin consultation is very important in establishing what your skin needs to obtain the outcome where you love the skin you're in. What's also important is home care. 80% of your skin results is how you take care of your skin between professional treatments. 

Committing in the beginning to your skin prescription eg. Ultraderm products and your treatment plan is how your therapist helps you achieve your dream skin results.

There will also be a commitment in your lifestyle and environmental changes. Your therapist will communicate to you the best way to achieve best case scenario for your skin and then your commitment to adhere to those suggestions is well you will LOVE THE SKIN YOU'RE IN by the end of your treatment plan.