How did you all go with your Gratitude Journal..?

Hi All,

Since at the end of 2020, you were all given the Gratitude Journal I created while in Lockdown for 6 weeks in April/May 2020, for presents. It begs the question….

So, how did you all go with your Gratitude journals you received for Christmas presents last year…? (2020)

Mine has been well used during 2021 and has made the habit of an attitude of gratitude become much easier, the more I read the positive quotes and wrote 3 things I was grateful for that day.

Don’t get me wrong, it was not something I did every day but the grateful attitude became daily and my question is, “Did the journal cultivate a grateful attitude for you..?”

My mission while creating the journal was to learn more about Canva and how to use it in a positive, inspiring way and really just to stay busy and keep learning new things. I didn’t want my time in lockdown to be wasted.

What does Gratitude mean to you..? Have you become more grateful because of the journal..? Would you like to create more gratitude in your life..? 

Feel free to contact me at to let me know how your life was affected positively by the journal or if you would like some *life coaching where we carve out some steps to changing your life in the present so your trajectory changes for the better to become the life you really want.

(*Fee will apply for Life Coaching)

Digital copy of Gratitude Journal is available on website at https// for just $4-95.

Just for today I am grateful for not being angry.

Thank you 🙏 for reading this blog post, I’ll be happy to hear from you via email.

Kindness Always 

Carroll ❎🅾️