A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline πŸ’œ

My Dream when I opened Liquid Gold Beauty was to provide a space for clients to relax and be themselves πŸ’œ To provide quality Australian products and treatments but to also give you quality time to rejuvenate your psyche, physically and spiritually. No matter what treatment you are having, you can leave feeling uplifted and full of zest for your life.

My motto in life is to be kind always and to enable you to be empowered in your every day living. No one knows what the person next to them is dealing with 24/7 and so kindness becomes even more important because our perception becomes judgement. Showing kindness to everyone who walks in my salon door was a dream/goal/motto that began with the opening of Liquid Gold Beauty πŸ’œ

My humble salon has a goal every day - Empower every person to go back out into their world and be the best version of themselves πŸ’œ Empowering others to be the best version of themselves tooπŸ’œ Creating a space where you don’t have to impress anyone, where it’s all about you, where you are shown respect and kindness, where your treatments are results driven but also relaxing and meet your expectations, where you are given little extras to let you know you are appreciated as a regular client and particularly important right now is that you are kept safe through Covid compliance measures πŸ’œ

So when I opened Liquid Gold Beauty on 4th July 2008, having a dream of spreading kindness and creating individualised treatments and empowering people to become fully present and active in their own world was a goal and the deadline was met the day I opened πŸ’œ

My salon is a haven or a desert island if you like, for you to escape to and rejuvenate Body - Mind and Soul πŸ’œ

I love my job and am very grateful, privileged and blessed to be of service to all my clients, who I learn from every day πŸ’œ